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At NewTrix, we believe in safety first

Using your NewTrix dog halter must be not only comfortable, but also a safe and fun experience for both you and your dog.


  • Dogs with existing cervical vertebral neck disease should not use the NewTrix dog halter, or any collar and leash that may put strain on the neck.
  • Ensure that the safety clasp is always attached to your dog’s regular collar. The NewTrix dog halter can be left quite loose, but the safety clasp must be attached to ensure that your dog cannot get loose if the regular collar should slip.
  • Always ensure that the NewTrix dog halter allows sufficient room for your dog to open its mouth for breathing, panting, eating and drinking. Dogs must pant to release heat. If too tight, the NewTrix restrict panting, which could lead to dangerous overheating.
  • Be sure to carefully read our simple instructions Fitting NewTrix when first fitting and using the NewTrix dog halter.
  • Please take extra care in fitting Bulldogs or other dogs who have difficulty breathing and limited airways. Even without using the NewTrix, these dogs often experience breathing difficulties when exercising or under stress. If breathing difficulties increase, immediately discontinue use of the NewTrix dog halter.


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