Shelter Program Explained

Goal: to rehabilitate shelter dogs quickly and efficiently with the best tool for the job - the NewTrix dog halter.

We hope your shelter will take advantage of the NewTrix Shelter Program. We know that a dog that doesn’t pull and walks nicely on the leash is a more adoptable pet and we hope to help you in your mandate in any way we can. 

What is a NewTrix Shelter dog halter? 

We’ve manufactured a bright orange halter for shelter use only. We made the halter in a light, bright color which can easily be written on in indelible marker. A shelter can write its name on the halter, or, as some have suggested, a message such as, “Adopt Me”, across the nose piece. We hope the shelter-use-only halters will help remedy the costly situation where halters walk out of the shelter with adopted dogs. Our program also encourages new owners to purchase a NewTrix dog halter for their new pet from the shelter’s own store or from the website. 

Shelters may purchase these special orange halters in one of two ways. 

1. The shelter may purchase orange shelter halters for $15 each. The minimum for each order is 10 halters and there is a 10% shipping charge. So for $165 the shelter will receive 10 orange NewTrix Shelter dog halters. 

2. The second way a shelter may purchase orange halters is also a fund-raiser for the shelter. For $25 the shelter receives both an orange shelter halter AND a regular packaged halter for resale purposes. We encourage the shelter to pass on the retail price of $39.95 to the new dog owner. Again we have a minimum opening order of 10 units (i.e. one regular halter & one shelter halter = 1 unit); no shipping charge will be applied to orders of 10 or more. So for $250 the shelter will receive 10 orange halters and 10 packaged NewTrix dog halters for resale. The shelter will then have the opportunity, by selling the packaged halters, to raise nearly $400, recoup all its costs, and have orange shelter halters in supply for shelter use only. 

Please contact us for further information.

 Below is Rambo who was adopted after learning to walk nicely with his NewTrix dog halter from the P.A.R.L. shelter in Rhode Island. 

Rambo and daffodils