Wholesale Info & Contact Form

Welcome to the NewTrix network of dealers. Our worldwide network includes trainers, veterinarians, technicians, behaviorists, and other dog industry professionals, all dedicated enthusiasts of the NewTrix dog halter.

We value our network highly. Our dealers provide the education and support that is necessary for dog owners to receive the full benefit of the NewTrix dog halter. Dealers are offered special pricing and are encouraged to link to our website.

To set up a dealer account, or to place an order, please provide us with your first and last name, your business name, your shipping address, and your phone number.

If you are new to our network, please tell us about your professional affiliation, your experience with NewTrix dog halter, the type of work you do, and how you anticipate utilizing the NewTrix dog halter in your business.

Many dog trainers prefer to send their clients to a nearby pet retailer to purchase the NewTrix dog halter. We are happy to set up wholesale accounts with pet retailers. We have low minimum orders and fast shipping. Simply have your favorite retailer contact us for further information.

Fill in our contact form and include your shipping address here.