Testimonials from Dog Owners

Testimonials from Dog Owners


"Zen is a very powerful 15 month old Bernese Mountain Dog. She is 100 pounds and far outweighs me. Zen has some neurological issue to contend with casued by her battle with Neosporosis. Attention for her is difficult, she is the ultimate puller, capbable of dislodging the rods in my spine. When I walk her in her NewTrix halter I cannot even feel her on the leash. This is a wonderful gift and affords her the opportunity of going so many places now that she is recovering.

"This is Zen's third rear-attaching head halter. She was difficult to fit for sure. I loved the NewTrix the minute we put it on but knew there was something just not right. Thanks to NewTrix customer service we solved the mystery. Zen has a big head, which is exactly what made her so attractive in the show ring. Her head size and the weight paramaters did not match, thus the halter shifted and she could not wait to get it off. After lots of photos back and forth we decided to try the next size up on her. Now she doesn't even remember she has it on."

- Andrea Brin, USA



"My dog trainer; Jim O'Neil of Great Dog Dog Training, told me about NewTrix. He is an avid user and said your product is the best on the market. He used one on one of my dogs during one of our lessons and it really worked well. I really like that the leash attaches at the back of the head; there is definitely more control and if feels more natural. Out of convenience I ended up buying Haltis and have found the dogs leashes come unhooked rather easily leaving me holding the leash and my dog running loose! I finally decided it was time to purchase myself some NewTrix after one two many escapes! I can't wait to receive them!"

Amanda Bishop




“I never thought I would ever find a product that I would be so impressed with it would inspire me to write a letter of thanks…we have tried countless products and methods…in just one day [with NewTrix] I was walking my dog without a struggle and practically on one finger.”
Andrea Gareu




“Your collar has made our walks pure pleasure. I feel like a human being now, not a yoyo.”
Wendy (and Schubert) Black




“Within less than a week, this previously unruly and very dominant beagle has undergone an incredible metamorphosis.”
Martha Godman




We received our NewTrix dog halter yesterday, we tried to put it on him. He jumped around like a rabbit, twisting, turning, scratching his face. So we just let him see it all day sitting with his leash. Today he sat and let me put it on, he started to do the same thing as yesterday. But we started to run and got past the dog at the end of the street that was barking. Brandon never walked better, I thought he would just keep jumping. We went around the block and came home. Then waited for an hour and I picked up the halter and he came and sat down. I put it on and we went on an hour walk, it was nice to just walk and not worry about pulling. That is the happiest I have seen him. 

Christopher & Andrea Stauty



"Just wanted to let you know that the Newtrix head halter has worked wonders on the wild one! You just couldn't imagine how much of a difference it has made. Our walks are so much more enjoyable and she will actually walk next to me with slack in the leash. Now when I get the collar out, I have to calm her down to put it on, not because she doesn't want it on but because she knows where we are going. I've also started using it when company comes over to keep her from jumping on them. It seems to help keep her manners in check. Too bad we can't permanently attach it to her!"
Anissa Isom, Sherman, TX



“The NewTrix easyway collar gives me solid, humane control when I am walking with 4 dogs…an outstanding product that helps our best friends and us enjoy life.” Ann Truffa, Maryland, USA


“I do not have another [product] that gives me the self-assurance…that this collar provides.”
Sandra Marshall, Orillia



“I have arthritis and the easyway makes all the difference.” Lois Addison, Dunrobin


“I am a disabled person and need a walker to get around…Even with [my dog’s] choke collar he was still pulling so hard he was gagging and choking himself…Now I don’t feel a tug at all as he walks right beside me. He’s so good with his Easyway on.” Darlene Byrom




"My dog trainer actually gave me my first NewTrix halter because my dog Riley was such a hard puller. We tried many different halters/harnesses before with no luck. She would either pull them loose or was able to get out of them through some very tricky maneuvering. The NewTrix halter works wonders! I can hold Riley's leash with just a couple of fingers and don't have to worry about her pulling me down the road. It's been great, so much so that I bought a second one (my purchase in July) to keep in my car as a spare. Thanks!"

Ashley Garrett




"Wow! It is like I have a new dog. It is amazing. My kids can actually walk the dog now. This is truly fantastic - after only 3 days it is working perfectly. He is still occasionally trying to rub it off his nose but that is happening less and less. Thanks for the great product."

Bill Macdonald, Canada




"As promised, here is a pic of our Hudson Dog in his NewTrix! Huddy is a huge puller on leash, and also leash reactive (we rescued him from the Georgina Animal Control and Adoption Centre in September), but has made great improvements since we started using this in conjunction with training. He can no longer snap his head out of the halter, giving me more control to get his attention around other dogs. He can still enjoy the freedom to walk at a good pace without ripping my arm off, too! He is great with getting his NewTrix on, as he knows it means a great walk for both of us."
- Carly Foster, Canada
"I have had lots of compliments and people asking where I got the NewTrix halter from, especially from people who have seen me walking my dogs and have noticed the immediate difference! It works so well, I have tried lots of harnesses and other head halter which were useless!
This is Toby, he is a 9 month old staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a springer spaniel and is very strong! He was a nightmare to walk, I have been using the Newtrix dog halter for 6 days and he now walks like a dream and doesn't mind wearing it! He walks so well with it my 11 year old daughter can walk him with ease whereas before she couldn't as he would pull her over or hurt her arm.
I will definitely order another one from you."

Claire Caswell, UK




OMG I cannot express how much I like this NewTrix dog halter. 

Getting it to fit right was a little tricky but after a few adjustments the fit was perfect. 

Now let's talk about how well it works when walking Bailey. As soon as there is any tension at all on her leash she backs off. A couple of times she stopped and tried to scrape it off her head, but those moments where short lived and she quickly became accustomed to wearing it.  It really is great being able to walk her without her pulling me down the sidewalk, path, or road. The only pulling now is Izzy my 9 month old Husky puppy and as soon as I finish this email I'm going to order one for her.

The design is fantastic I love the way it controls her pulling but doesn't cause any pain to stop the pulling. Also the safety lanyard is such a great feature. When I first started using the NewTrix it wasn't adjusted correctly and she pulled it off her head. If it wasn't for the safety lanyard she could have bolted and ran out into traffic or something. To sum this up I guess I would say you have created a really good product here.

Cody West, Colorado




"Our Victorian Bulldog, Max, had become very Dog Aggressive, to certain dogs. He weights 85lbs and I couldn't walk him, my husband had to. We camp all summer and he was just awful, I was looking for a muzzle for him, we felt it was the only way left; otherwise we would have to put him down.

On the Internet I found a lady's comments that she had bought a NewTrix dog halter for her American Bulldog and it worked wonders. So I ordered one, and asked for it to be set ASAP as we were heading out to Shuswap Lake Provincial campsite, and Max had to be good there, as it was the biggest control campsite in BC.

We got it and he wore it and WOW!! What a difference, I can walk my dog finally, for the first time in more than 2 years. We walked all over the campsite; he was a perfect gentleman (gentle dog). He comes back from a walk calm and relaxed. This collar is wonderful and has saved my dog's life. Thank you NewTrix." 

Colleen Lister




“Walks have become much more pleasant, and I am even able to manage Lucy on the leash while pushing a baby carriage.”
Denise Low




"My wife and I had to drop you a note and let you know how great this head halter is. It was recommended on the advice of a trainer friend of ours, Kim Brophey since our 100lb. bloodhound Harlan Grace pulled when she got her "nose into something" as they say. She completely tuned out everything else in the world and would just drag us along for the ride. We put this thing on her and it was like flipping a switch. We usually let her go on a long lead so she can work whatever trail she is following but when we need her to stop, one pull and it puts the brakes on."

Dennis and Carey Gibson




"I looked online for no pull harnesses. I got the Gentle Leader, but my dog hates it despite training. Also, it is rubbing the fur off his snout on one side despite making every effort to correctly fit it. I hope I become your newest fan."

"My dog-walker is in love with Albert Whinestein again and with NewTrix. I, however, was determined that I could handle him with training alone. His pulling has gotten better, but he just can't resist a distracted squirrel. I finally started using NewTrix regularly with him when the combination of wet leaves falling and squirrels busy burying nuts had him suddenly pulling me across the leaves as if I was skiing in Aspen - I was afraid I would hit a tree!  He is surprisingly strong for a long-legged 57 pound 10.5 month old puppy. He still occasionally goes after a squirrel, but I do not lose my balance or need to use every bit of strength to keep it. Jogging with him is a possibility again once I am motivated. There have been no further skiing incidents! He still has one or two moments each walk when he tries to get the NewTrix off, but he quickly goes back to enjoying his walk with much less drama than with the Gentle Leader and NO fur loss! I actually think it is easier to get off and on than the Gentle Leader. My step-father is moving into a condo and will have to walk his two large dogs on a leash for the first time.  I have already recommended it to him."

Eileen Gannon USA





"I've just finished reading the testimonials on your website. I just want to add mine to the mix. I still can't believe the difference this collar has made for me and my exuberant, enthusiastic, happy, head-strong 70-pound (and still growing) leonberger puppy. Despite puppy training classes and countless hours of heeling practicing, my walks with him were becoming more and more of a struggle, to the point where it was affecting our relationship with each other, and I think would soon have become a safety issue for me. Three days ago I went to a pet store and asked for advice. The saleswoman suggested the Easyway collar, adjusted it to fit our puppy, and helped us try it out. When I got home, I took him for his first walk. It truly was like a miracle. He walked beside me perfectly, with a slack leash! And like many others have said, he seemed so calm. I still have trouble believing the instantaneous change in him. I really would not have believed it had I not experienced it for myself. The first day or two he would regularly paw at it to try to remove it, but with some rewards and distractions, he seems to have already adjusted to having something sitting on top of his nose. THANK YOU for developing this product that is making such a difference for us large-breed dog owners!!!" Franceen Neufeld





"When my dog was young, I could easily control him and his penchant for distractions. He is always wanting to go someplace...now. He is now over 60 lbs and strong. One day, we were waiting to cross a rather busy road.  Well, Toby unexpectedly pulled hard, taking both of us onto the road. Luckily a car wasn't coming at that particular moment.

Both my husband and I have rotator cuff injuries so the constant pulling was taking its toll. Walks are supposed to be enjoyable. 

I called my vet and they recommended the NewTrix Dog Halter. We are in walking distance of our vet so I took my dog there being pulled most of the way and on the way home, I was finally in control. The difference was night and day! Our friendly vet technician fitted the NewTrix on him so I was ready to go. 

I like that the NewTrix halter is designed by a veterinarian and is safe for my dog. It's well constructed with a soft nose piece. It's well tolerated by my dog and using the instructions given with the collar have made walking the dog a pleasure. Thank you NewTrix!" 

Helen Kap

"First of all, I would like to thank you for designing the Newtrix for it has made a huge difference in my life. I am a totally blind guide dog user and opted to use a head collar with my working dog due to his size and excitability. I personally was not comfortable with certain types of head collars due to the attachment under the dog's chin. It struck me as something that could cause structural issues. After some searching, I was introduced to the Newtrix and I have not gone back to any other head collar. I love that my dog, Glacier, is able to open his mouth to pant and that it does not put any unnecessary pressure on his face. The Newtrix has allowed me to work with my dog with less leash corrections, which served us well because Glacier is sensitive to these types of corrections.
Most recently, Glacier has been able to work without the Newtrix, but it is always hanging from my purse or in a backpack just in case. If we enter situations where Glacier is a bit too much to handle, like in a pet store for example, he wears his Newtrix and he is able to refocus and guide me safely.
I am originally from Canada and moved to South Carolina and began volunteering with a service dog Organisation called PAALS. The Executive Director saw Glacier's Newtrix and was excited about its design and now most of her dogs in training wear them as opposed to other head collars. There are even dogs out working from PAALS that still wear them in order to make handling much easier for their handlers.
So, it is with all of this in mind that I am emailing you. I am going to be moving to Scotland at the end of this month and have slowly started up a Pet Consulting business, complete with training. I was wondering if Newtrix products were available in the UK? If not, what would be the process of bringing the product there? I believe that it is a highly valuable tool and I would like to be able to offer it to my clients. I believe that as dog owners we are responsible for their health and the Newtrix is a much more health conscious choice with regards to head collars.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and consideration and also for such a wonderful product."

Jessica Tuomela-Hodges





At a Glacial Pace

"I just purchased a NewTrix easyway collar for my 80 lb 'all muscle' Boxer, and I am thrilled and astonished at how instantly effective this was for us. Previously we were using a Halti, which neither of us liked but was the only thing that was even vaguely useful for controlling his impulsive darts and dashes, not to mention the constant pulling. Even with the Halti he pulled excessively for the first half of our walk.

Tonight with the NewTrix easyway collar he was instantly by my side on a slack leash. I've had this dog for five years now ( I'm his third owner and didn't do what training he has, although I've done what I can) and I had just about given up hope that we would ever both be able to enjoy a walk together. I am beyond thrilled with the effectiveness of this tool. I also appreciate the solid metal fittings and the safety strap that goes on the collar.

If you can figure out something that would work as well and as easily for my horse, I'll worship you forever."  Judy Wood





"We are continuing to have great success with the NewTrix Easyway, including the challenge met of Mickey (who is a bit dog aggressive) being readily managed when meeting other dogs on the street. Now I look forward to and enjoy our walks rather than dreading what I might have to deal with." Judy Wood





"I have 4 border collies and tried a small NewTrix on 2 of them today as they are both less than 20 kilos. It fit one dog fine as he is a small type but was a bit tight on the other as he has a big head. My agility trainer told me about your headcollars, his mother is a behaviourist and put him onto them, he did say she was thinking about importing them to the UK? He told me how good they were and I was a bit skeptical to be honest but having tried both dogs today with one I am amazed at the difference it makes and how quickly. My youngest dog (with the big head) hates his Gentle Leader and has actually scratched his face and eyelids trying to get it off, this was after I spent several days teaching him to put his head in voluntarily, he just hates it so I don't use it,. He wiped his face once with your headcollar and never bothered again, my small dog actually gets depressed with a headcollar and hangs his head to the floor but again didn't seem to be bothered by yours at all. I only need these for the start of our walks as that is when they pull but they still need to be comfortable. I am still amazed at how it worked so quickly and more importantly with no stress for either dog."

Julie Adams






"To begin, let me say of all the training (ie, gentle leader, prong, choke, martingale, etc) collars available, this is THE BEST!!!  It keeps pressure off the throat so as not the damage the throat, does not pull or whip the dog's head around (I don't think that is good for the dog's neck, but that is a personal opinion, and I've not read that elsewhere), and puts the pressure back behind the ears where it belongs so the dog self-corrects.  I am training my next service dog, and I use the NewTrix halter.  Rufus is a 65-lb 7-month-old black goldendoodle, and as you can imagine, he has a lot of energy and is quite strong.  Using the NewTrix halter, training goes much more easily and quickly.  I am able to take him with me everywhere, and he is frequently complimented as  being very calm.

"Oliver, my current service dog (a golden retriever / labrador retriever cross), and his trainer Annette were in Canada with "Fidos for Freedom" in spring 2004 for the ADI conference where they were introduced to the NewTrix halter, and Oliver, being the laid-back guy he is, adapted to it quickly.  When they returned to Maryland, Annette showed me the halter and explained the benefits.  Since then I've used no other training collar (I have multiple dogs) and told many others about it.  I wish more people would use it as I believe it is the most humane training collar available.

"Thank you for your wonderful product!

"Cheers~" Karen Howard




I even tried it on the pup I kept from last year…the results were absolutely AMAZING!!! Everyone should have an EasyWay Collar because there is nothing out there that is simpler to use and EFFECTIVE for making your dog walks more enjoyable. Thank you so much for making something that works with the dog so wonderfully!

Once again, thank you!"

Kim Sinclair
Watson, Sask Canada





"My best friend here in Massachusetts, is blind and uses a guide dog. Yankee is a very large, very strong, and exuberant GSD. She had been using a Halti type nose-collar with him until he actually rubbed his nose raw pulling against it. We were at a fund-raising event for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Connecticut, and a woman noticing the make-shift fleece cover I had sewn, demonstrated her NewTrix and encouraged Gail to order one. Gail’s experience with the NewTrix collar has been so positive, that I decided to order one for my recently adopted, young Labrador Retriever."  Laurie Neely







"I have to admit I was skeptical when I reviewed your website and the information regarding the NewTrix Easyway collar but I thought I may as well try it - after all I'd tried most everything else with minimal success. I received the Easyway collar last week and the results have been amazing!! I am so pleased with this product and have already made recommendations to my vet's assistant as well as dog owners in the Obedience class which Bosco and I attend. Even the instructor in class was impressed!! Thank you so much for making my walks with Bosco a pleasant experience."
Lisa Whyte Airdrie, AB 







"I would like to thank you for the best walk that Lilibit and I have ever taken together. We received our Easyway collar early in the week. I have been working on getting the right fit and introducing it slowly. Today, everything came together and the results have been hard to believe. When Lilibit first reached the end of the leash and the Easyway tightened, she paused, then slackened the leash. Within minutes, she simply adjusted her stride and kept herself within the boundaries of the leash. We walked in the woods, we came within 5 feet of a squirrel - she kept her composure even amid those challenges!

We have tried other options. The NewTrix Easyway collar easily trumps the halters that attach under the chin. Lilibit exhibited an understanding of this halter that she never grasped with the others. She did not fight it, nor did she put her head down and try to bull through it. The Easyway's myriad adjustments also ensured a much better fit. When adjusted properly, she also was not able to slip out of the halter. Nor did I have to worry about her head twisting around unnaturally should she get overly enthused and hit the end of the leash.

Due to my concerns with other head halters, we had switched to a front-clip harness. However, her response is not instinctive, nor did I really want to teach her to turn around at the end of the leash; I want her to adjust her stride! Also, she has "wiped out" on the front-clip when she tried to chase squirrels and had her feet pulled out from under her.

We still have our challenges (any head halter makes Lilibit more nervous around other dogs - (I need to desensitize her to that), but I have nothing but praise for the Newtrix Easyway collar. I feel very strongly that training should work with a dog's instincts, and I believe based on Lilibit's immediate response to this gentle product that it works with the dog, not against her. I have already given a recommendation to a local trainer who may be contacting you soon :)
Thanks again."
M Landholm, Atlanta, GA







"One of my males, Edison, is the very BEST test you will EVER find, for this head halter. Edison is a male English Labrador and he is a block. HUGE head and so strong. He loves everything and charges, anytime a person, leaf, another animal, or anything appears. I've been on the ground way too many times. There are Bob Cats around our small rural town, so I won't let my dogs go. I hang on under all conditions. This collar is allowing me to drop all the stress! I have so much more control. I'm so pleased. At my vet's advice, I recently started using Gentle Leader and that was a huge improvement, but Edison kept getting his nose free and the small clasps grew weak, quickly. I was using a halter along with the head collar. Now, I am confident your collar will stay on! These are just wonderful. Tracy McCarthy, from Lupine, suggested I try your collar and said he thought it was the best head collar on the market. I did social services, for 15 years, and used my various Labs as therapy dogs. I wish I had had this collar, then!"

Mari Ann Garrison








"Thank you for your help, it fits now. It works great! It will be a lifesaver. This winter Austen has become obsessed with car headlights and started trying to lunge in front of cars with me in tow. ( I weigh the same as he does so it was taking all my might to keep him from the cars, and I was afraid I was one day going to lose the battle.) Now he just watches the cars go by. He's not happy about it, but I am : ) Thank you very much for your help and a great product!"

Melissa McClellan






“We have been using the NewTrix easyway collar for exactly a week and I would recommend this product to anyone that has ever had a pulling dog. The change was instant, and he has even stopped lunging at other dogs, cats and squirrels. It stopped the debate on walking him to who is going to walk him.”
Paul Bush





“My dog Danny was a real puller. I wouldn’t walk him anymore. My mom asked me to write this letter to thank you for getting me to walk him again.”
Alex Byrom





"I put my dog through a training program here in Billings Montana called Prison Paws. It’s a program where inmates at the Women’s Prison train people’s dogs for a month under the direction of a certified trainer. The trainer used several different halter’s on my dog, and NewTrix was the only one she had that worked. My dog is a “puller” so he definitely needed a different way to be controlled." 

Steve Nitz





"I have to tell you my story…

I sold a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup last year to a lady who is 72 years old, and she had been complaining that she can’t walk Zena. I talked to her and I suggested that I take Zena for a bit to help with the walking on a leash to keep her from pulling and jerking. My first stop after getting Zena was Critters in Saskatoon and I asked what could I use to help her out, they suggested this new product called the EasyWay Collar. Well, we fit Zena in the store. She stopped pulling when the collar was on. We took it off to fit it some more and hooked my leash back up to her harness. Zena instantly started pulling again! Pulling this way and that way and HARD! We put the collar back on and she, once again, quit pulling. Well, my b/f lives about a block away from the store, so I suggested to him to drive home and I would ‘walk’ Zena home with the collar. She didn’t pull…not once. She walked like a beautiful, well-behaved girl! Your collar has made a believer out of me!




"I wonder if the Queen would be interested in one for her Corgis. Once I get a picture from you, I think I would like to send your letter to her. What do you think?

I think she would be TOTALLY impressed. I can tell you that I am telling everyone about it! I take Mocha to dog conformation shows and I wish I could take it in the ring with us it is amazing!
Yes, you have my permission to use my letter because everyone needs to know about this product.

Mocha was 9 months old yesterday and before this collar came along, she was horrible to walk. She sits when you stop, you name it...she is way more controllable! I still can't believe it!
I will get a picture to you ASAP"




"The first time we heard about NewTrix was in our german dog-school. We got one of your products from the manager. Some years ago my husband ordered directly from Canada. Our dog is a Swiss breed an 'Entlebucher Sennenhund'. Her name is Norah. The name is inspired by Norah Jones. Norah is now five and a half years old and she is a very strong dog. I am not so strong but with the help from NewTrix she is very good to handle."

Ute Kurlanda





"Our dog is a large, rambunctious, and energetic lab.  Before we got the NewTrix easyway collar, he was impossible to walk, pulling at everything, chasing cars, barking at other dogs.  We tried choker collars, other types of headcollars, special leashes, but nothing worked.  With the NewTrix collar, he is obedient and easy to control. Even our 14 year old daughter can walk him no problem!  Newtrix saved us from having to give away the dog we all loved. Thanks NewTrix!" Wayne Baker