Testimonials from Professionals

"The NewTrix dog halter worked out great.  My client loves it and is able to walk her dog without being pulled.  The dog tolerates it very well after a short period of desensitization. I'll definitely recommend it again. I particularly like the fact that I don't have to worry about damage to the neck due to the back clip."

Alicia Williams, SmartSPOT Dog Training, Columbus Ohio




"The Newtrix dog halter is an excellent training aid in the rehabilitation of dogs with aggression problems. As it operates from behind the head, it allows the dog full vision of any perceived threat, rather than pulling their heads away from it. If the dog can see the perceived threat they will be more relaxed, thus learning is enhanced.

"The action of the Newtrix is not dissimilar to the one of the ways a bitch asserts her authority over a puppy. She will sometimes muzzle bite the puppy in a firm but non-aggressive manner. This gesture reiterates her position which in turn gives the puppy confidence.

"The Newtrix gives the dog a 'head hug', should they pull into it. This 'head hug' can make them feel more secure and encourage them to allow the owner to make any decisions in perceived problem situations.

Many dogs who do not accept other headcollars, will readily accept the Newtrix as it does not restrict their head movement. It also gives the owner more physical control making them more confident. Thus, already you are a step closer to resolving the problem for both dog and owner."

Angela Stockdale, Dog Aggression Specialist




My name is Barbara Lloyd and I am a Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist and have used the Easyway Collar for one of my own dogs and several client dogs. I recommend it over all other head harnesses for a few reasons. First, the Easyway Collar helps calm the dog. When I bought my first Easyway Collar from Dr Curran at the 2001 CAPPDT conference in Edmonton, Alberta I bought it for my dog Khan, a 120lbs Nuefi/Akita cross who had leash aggression issues with other dogs. Walks were a nightmare and it seemed every stray dog found us or we were intercepted by someone who's dog "loved other dogs". To avoid these situations we retreated into alleys and off times for walks, but after a month on the Easyway collar Khan settled down and could be walked on a buckle collar. The collar solved his leash aggression issues and for the past five years he loves his walks and is able to meet and great other dogs on leash.

Second, I love the Easyway collar because it gives my clients confidence to walk their dog. This allows for more social interactions, more exercise, and a better relationship between handler and dog. Third, I believe the Easyway collar is a superior design because it will not jerk the dog's neck to the right or to the left if the dog happens to lunge. I am confident this supports better spinal health for the dog.

Thanks New Trix Team!

Barbara Lloyd, Behaviourist & Consultant, The Dog's Den Training School






“I discovered the NewTrix easyway collar and that meant that dogs that were large but sweet could now be adopted. I don’t think you realize the difference you have made in the lives of dogs and pups in pounds and shelters and in rescue... You are responsible for many saved lives!”
Brenda Lowry, Regional Director, Ontario South Central CAPPDT




I purchased a number of NewTrix halters at a conference some years ago and have found them to be invaluable on some dogs, especially terriers as it happens, though I am sure they would be great for other dogs too. I have found they work well for dogs who don’t do well with some of the other halter brands that attach below the chin. I also  like how they can be put on and taken off without having to fasten buckles and clips – elderly clients often have difficulty with that. Recently I used a Mega halter on an 7  month old Oorang Airedale (pictured) whose owners have mobility issues, and it has made all the difference in them being able to walk the dog. 

Caroline Spark, PhD, CDBC, CPDT-KA,
City Dog Country Dog, Oregon




“My clients, staff and I have been testing the NewTrix easyway collar for some time now, and are very pleased with the results. All the dogs accepted the collar with a minimum of fuss and responded quickly. In very short order, and with a minimum of effort on the handler’s part, the dogs walked politely, leashes slack. It takes a bit of time to fit it at first, but in my opinion, the comfort and effectiveness of this product is absolutely worth it.”
Carolyn Clark, Director, Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour





"I've had the opportunity to use a number of head halters throughout my career, and in terms of comfort for the dog and efficiency of use, the NewTrix easyway collar is the one I recommend to my clients. The easyway collar is so helpful in treating anxious and fearful dogs because it has an automatic calming effect without causing pain or adding to their fear and yet enables the handler to safely and humanely curb lunging. I like that the NewTrix easyway collar does not risk causing injury from torque forces to the neck such as when the dog lunges and is jolted at the end of the leash. The NewTrix design is a major improvement over the halters that attach under the chin."

Cheryl Smith is an internationally recognized dog trainer who has conducted numerous well-received workshops in Canada and the USA. She is a charter member of the A.P.D.T. and has spoken at a number of their annual conferences including Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Houston and Ellenville, N.Y. Her expertise in the area of dog behaviour has been recognized by Canadian federal and provincial courts and numerous municipalities actively seek advice in matters of 'aggressive' dogs. The author of Biting, Barking, Lunging, Growling … Retraining An Anxious Fearful Dog Without Intimidation, Cheryl has been acclaimed as "One of the Top Trainers" by Dr. Ian Dunbar. She currently resides in Kemptville, Ontario where she owns and operates Urika Dog Behaviour Consultants and Forever Friends Dog Training School.





"We chose the NewTrix easyway collar after trying everything else. It is kinder to the dogs and easier for our volunteers to use in our foster program. It is simply the best dog training tool on the market."
Chris Fowler, National Service Dogs

Official Collar of National Service Dogs




"I recommend the use of the NewTrix dog halter whenever dealing with reactive dogs on leash. When a dog pulls or lunges, the NewTrix dog halter delivers a humane correction faster than a human can possibly do. By having the leash attach behind the head, the dog is less distracted or frustrated. We believe wholeheartedly in the product."
Dawn Piche, CPDT, APDT
Canada's Canine Academy





"Newtrix dog halters do a new trick! They help manage leash pulling problems where other headcollars have not been as successful. My dog training clients who have tried it are sold on this product. Today it is a new tool in their dog training toolbox!"

Dawna Caldwell
Happy Tails to You Dog Training




“As the owner and operator of a Dog Training & Behavior company based in Asheville North Carolina, I have found the NewTrix to be an indispensable tool! 

It has for some of my clients, quite literally, been a game changer, allowing for improved quality of life for the owner as well as the dog, without using pain or discomfort. 

In fact, I have found that with a bit of positive conditioning many dogs readily acclimate to the NewTrix, even dogs that have otherwise had a difficult time with other brands of head halters.

I can genuinely say that in my experience over the years, the NewTrix Head Halter has been the best head halter I have used!

It is a quality product, which I would highly recommend!” 

Heather Polechio, CTC, CPDT-KA

FPPE, Licensed Educator 

MindfulMutz Training & Behavior Consulting 




"We tested and compared all the canine headcollars/halters and found the NewTrix easyway collar to be by far the best."
Dr. Ian Dunbar

PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT, veterinarian, animal behaviorist, dog trainer, and writer

Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, dog trainer, and writer. He received his veterinary degree and a Special Honours degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University), and a doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology Department at the University of California in Berkeley, where he spent ten years researching the development of hierarchical social behavior and aggression in domestic dogs. For seven years Dr. Dunbar ran a behavior clinic specifically for biting dogs. Dr. Dunbar is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the California Veterinary Medical Association, the Sierra Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (which he founded).
Over the past 30 years, Dr. Dunbar has given over 750 one-day seminars and workshops for dog trainers and veterinarians in an effort to popularize off-leash puppy training classes (which he pioneered), temperament modification, and owner-friendly and dog-friendly dog training. Dr. Dunbar's books, videos, and AKC Gazette "Behavior" column (which he created), have won numerous awards. Dr. Dunbar is currently Director of the Center for Applied Animal Behavior in Berkeley, California, where he lives with Kelly, plus Claude, Ollie, Ugly, Mayhem and Dune.




"It is essential that our handlers maintain comfortable control of their dogs ...the [Easyway] is immediately effective." Jan Fincher, Colorado
Hospital Therapy Dog Training Program

"NewTrix easyway is much easier to use; the dogs seem to adjust to them faster than other head collars, and my clients rave about them. Not only do they make more sense having the lead behind the head, they are far more adjustable to make a better fit than the older, clip under the chin models. It's positive dog walking at its best!” Diane Sullivan, CPDT

Diane Sullivan, Good Dog Training Center's owner, has been working with dogs for 14 years. Diane and her husband Tom started Good Dog Training Center in September 1997. Diane is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is devoted to helping dogs and their people. Diane believes that dog training can and should be fun for all parties involved.
Diane is also a seasoned Canine Good Citizen evaluator, who gives the American Kennel Club sponsored test several times a year. Good Dog Training Center & Doggie Resort, Rio Rancho, NM




"I love the Easyway collar - it is a superb anti-pulling tool and is unmatched in comfort, safety, and fit. It is the only one I use for my pit bull, Charlotte - works GREAT. For me, it is the best head halter on the market and we use it exclusively now in the clinic. The dogs fuss over it way less than with the other head halters. The sliding adjustment adapts the fit to different muzzle lengths/widths and works great for all sorts of head shapes. The safety latch to the buckle collar is added assurance for owners afraid the dog will get out of it." Dr. Jennifer M., BA Psych (Hons.), DVM




"I've been kicking the tires on the NewTrix dog halters with several dogs since they came in. They're working very well, my dog owners have been impressed also. The strap that seats high on the neck behind the ears like a well placed martingale is a game changer." Jim O'Neill, Owner of Great Dog !, APDT member 





"The Newtrix collar is great value because it is so robust and well- designed. Dogs find it very comfortable and it overcomes some of the problems seen with traditional headcollars. I have used it even for very large dogs that were very difficult to control, and the clients have been so impressed that they recommended it to friends. I had a very difficult to control Great Dane that responded so well to the collar that the client got friends to track them down and order from you. “
Jon Bowen BVetMed MRCVS DipAS(CABC)
Veterinary behaviourist, UK





"I met your team at your booth at the APDT Conference in Hartford, CT., this past week and purchased a NewTrix. I have been meaning to try your collar for quite a while now, but never got around to it. Now I am sorry I waited!


I LOVE this halter!  I could not believe what a difference it made in controlling my dog-reactive Shepherd. It was amazing! She is a very obedient and well-trained girl. She is very good with leash walking, so that is not why I wanted to try the NewTrix.  However, she is very dog-reactive - lunging, barking, etc. - whenever we come upon other dogs in the general area. I have tried every type of tool and management technique with her and have not been successful to the extent I would like to be at this point.  


I have been using the NewTrix on her during our daily walks since my return from the conference. Sure enough, the other day another dog was walking on the other side of the road and Fergie went into her usual routine. I could not believe it! I didn't do anything; just stood there with a limited leash. She couldn't go anywhere and immediately just stopped trying! AWESOME!  The lunging was completely inhibited, she got the point very quickly, and the event was much more manageable than it has ever been. And, I did not have to get involved - I just stood there. Okay, can I say it again? Love it!


This is my new tool of choice.  I am going to tell everybody I know with a dog-reactive pet about the NewTrix dog halter.  I like to use head collars for general leash training, however, this is the best tool ever for dog-reactivity."

Judi Bernath, Massachusetts





"Here at Gimme Grace Dog Training, we have many specialities: professional working dogs, aggressive dog rehabilitation and deaf dog work. While we do work directly with the local "pet" people seeking obedience training, that's not what we're known for.

"No matter what we're doing, we've found that the Newtrix Halter adds a nearly magical effect. Once properly introduced, it provides an immediate element of control and focus that we've found nearly impossible to replicate via any other means. It allows us to raise our service dog puppies with a light, gentle touch and it allows the puppies to develop focus and impulse control simply as a matter of habit. It allows us to safely handle large, human and dog aggressive dogs due to the pivotal point of leverage. No matter the size of the dog or the size of the handler, the Newtrix introduces a solid, tangible sense of control. Other head collars and types of equipment simply cannot do this with the degree of precision the Newtrix has. On special needs dogs, the Newtrix allows us to control their focal point in a safe, gentle way and without having to be extremely "hands on," something that frightens many sensitive, special needs dogs.

"We're in love with the Newtrix here and so are all of our clients - we quite simply cannot keep them on the shelf! We sent a bulk order out summer of 2011 and less than 3 days after it arrived, we had to put one in that was twice the size! Thank you for this excellent, high-quality product and know that you've got a forever supporter in Gimme Grace Dog Training."

Kea Grace

Gimme Grace Dog Training





I run a rehabilitation and training center in Arizona for dogs and their people. I have been working with clients with disabilities within the last year and Gentle Leaders, Haltis, the dog quickly figure out how to take them off, or the clips break, they roll into the eyes, and one was cut clean off by the corner of a desk. I was at a loss for my clients who had those bigger energetic puppies that could pull them down or out of their wheel chair on accident.

It was one of my Shikoku group in Washington that told me about the NewTrix dog halter. I bought 4 for sizing purposes and to use on different dogs and they are absolutely amazing. The safety clip, the fleece nose padding, the two clipping points, allow me to intro the dogs to them without them escaping or slipping out, or removing the nose piece. I can also clip a duel coupler to both the chin point and the back of the head point for my more frail clients and the dogs respond with very little tension.

I would say the only thing is teaching the people how to put it on and off. Lol! I get many distressed calls and texts asking me how to put it back on again.

I have even used the xsmall on one of our multiple bite cases who was dog reactive and easily reactive toward any high stimulus, and just being able to move his head away from what he is fixated on with one finger made it more efficient for training rather then him just being dragged away while still fixated. It’s also easy to give them treats for the behaviors that I want. All around I am going to be a continued client because your product is great.





Kelsea E. Stafford-Louisiana, Arizona USA

"…The NewTrix easyway collar is quick and simple to use… and appears comfortable and remains in position. It has a calming effect and minimizes the level of physical control required to handle a dog…"
Ken Brydon, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind




"…The outcome has been spectacular. Unlike other head collars, Easyway sits more comfortably on the dog's nose and gives handlers increased control…It seems especially helpful in working with dogs who have any kind of on-lead aggression issues"
Jamie L. Damato, CPDT, AnimalSense LLC





"I have tried the NewTrix easyway collar on upwards of 300 dogs, and I am pleased to report that it had a positive effect on them all. The collar had an immediate, dramatic effect, as they became calmer and ceased to pull almost at once. I have tried several different kinds of collars including the Gentle Leader. In my opinion, your collar is a far superior piece of equipment than anything on the market today. The easyway collar will now be an integral adjunct to the behaviour modification programs I employ."
Kerry Vinson, Animal Behaviour Consultants 905-352-3353





“I discovered the NewTrix dog halter last year and have been using them with my client's dogs ever since.  The product design takes full advantage of the dog's opposition reflex while reducing frustration and acclimation time.  The NewTrix avoids some of the pitfalls of other head collars while furthering the effectiveness of head collar control.”

Kim Brophey, CDBC, CPDT,  APDT Outstanding Trainer of the Year 2009

The Dog Door Canine Services





"I wanted to let you know that I do enjoy the product. It is attractive, easy to fit, and easy to put on. The lined nose strap is a nice touch too. I also liked the fact that the cheek strap sits a fair ways away from the eyes making it comfortable for the pet. It is also an added bonus that the collar hooks to the leash from the back of the neck and the safety clasp is a great benefit. The dog we used it on was a German short haired pointer and she didn't seem adverse to the collar and was way more manageable on the NewTrix halter vs a flat collar on its own.

"Thanks for sending the product my way! I will certainly recommend the NewTrix to dog owners looking for a solution."

Kristina Cooper RVT, Veterinary Freelance Writer, Krissy's Critter Corner





“I am happy to say that after I got it fitted (it took a while, but thanks to the directions on your site, it was easy!) The Easyway collar worked wonders! My 95 pound dog-horse is no longer towing me along on walks! He isn't thrilled with anything around his muzzle, so it will take some time to get him used to it (at rest he tries to pull it off), but during walks he pays no attention to it. The other headcollar I tried made him jump around and do cartwheels to get it off. He walked right in front of me the whole time - no pulling, no dragging, no tugging... it was a miracle! I am so thrilled, and have recommended this in the member's forum of our web site already. I am really excited to get my members promoting this ASAP.
Thanks so much, and great work!”
Lara Willis, All Canadian Pet Services Network






"I just love the NewTrix collar that I use for my dog Jazzmin. Jazz is a rather dominant boxer dog and is very dog aggressive when on leash. In the past I have used body harnesses, other face harnesses, choke chains and even a pinch collar. Nothing really made her a pleasure to walk until I used a NewTrix dog halter on her. The minute I put it on her she calms down, my children are able to walk her because she is so easy to handle now. She will still react when she sees another dog but she is much more subdubed and easily turned away. I currently have 3 dogs, another boxer and a pug, and there would be no way I could walk all three dogs without the NewTrix collar. It is the only collar that we sell at the Pet Hospital."

Liz Robb, RVT
Harwood Pet Hospital





"I cannot say enough about the NewTrix Collar and the difference it has made with my students’ dogs!  No matter the size of dog  -small- medium- large - X-large- the NewTrix Easyway Collar is by far the best product on the market for managing dogs that are excitable and/or pull on the leash, or to aid in the overall training process!   I have had numerous students at the “end of their leash”- unable to walk their dogs safely. With the Easy Way collar their walks are not only safe…but thoroughly enjoyable!   Their dogs go from jumping, pulling maniacs to a dog that can easily be walked by elderly people and children. We have also had good success utilizing the head collar as a training aid for dogs that have behavior issues such as charging and lunging at other dogs and people.   The Easy Way collar has a calming effect on these dogs- making them more responsive to their owners and our training practices. For me the power of the Easy Way is in its design, which is radically different from all other head harnesses/collars on the market.  The Easy Way does not turn or twist the dog’s head/neck…and for me most importantly – with the Easy Way the dog learns not to pull naturally! One of my students summed up the value of the Easy Way Collar when he said-   'It’s like Power Brakes for your dog!'   Another said 'It is the best investment I ever made for my dog.'

Lorraine Wilson, CAPPDT
4 Paws Training & Pet Services





"Of the two samples I have been testing, I have been using and one went to a Malamute owner who couldn’t work with anything else. The dog had been pulling for a year and a half and within 10 minutes of NewTrix Easyway and some clicker training it was walking terrifically - the owner was so impressed she had to have it. The other one I have tried on various dogs for test purposes, both in our classes and on behaviour consultations, it seems to work well. Some dogs who are a bit skittish of the gentle leader (which I normally use) find the NewTrix Easyway much easier to adjust to."
Lynn Allardyce DipCABT MIACE APDT 00856
Coape Association Behaviour Practictioner


"The feedback from my clients who are using the NewTrix easyway collars is so positive, they thank me for selling them! Many were using other brands, but find NewTrix Easyway to be so much more effective, user friendly and gentler on their dogs. I highly recommend it. I just received a very nice email from a woman I just worked with and used your collar. She wrote me to say how much she likes it. Her comments are here:

‘Maureen, did I say thanks? I really mean it. Sammy and I had a great walk this morning! He went to garage sales with me and to the local farmers market. His new collar [NewTrix head collar] is the best and he really does behave himself. He got a little over stimulated at the market but I didn't push him too hard there. We couldn't have done it without your teaching!’ - Rita, Minneapolis

Sammy is a Pit-bull Terrier fostered by Rita. Sammy couldn't attend the adoption events because of his aggressive reactivity. He would lunge out at the other dogs and people who walked by. Rita stopped walking him in public because of his behavior. Rita did fabulously at walking him, keeping him calm and at her side after one visit.”
Maureen Haggerty, CPDT, APDT member
The Canine Coach
Minneapolis, MN

Voted #1 Favorite Dog Trainer in the Twin Cities! (2005 TC Dog poll)






"Kena is a female German Shepherd, 6 year-old. We have used different kinds of collars with her but we have had better results with the NewTrix dog halter. Using it in just one session it is possible to have a relaxed walk with your dog. NewTrix has made it easier to manage Kena. Also it has permitted us to have a more relaxing walk, Kena walks side by side without pulling the leash and the most important thing - it is easier to control her when there are strong distractions.

"Kena es una pastor aleman hembra de 6 años de edad, con la que se han probado diferentes collares. El New Trix es el que mejores resultados nos dió y en una sola sesión es posible que el perro camine relajadamente y se logre un paseo tranquilo. El New Trix ha hecho que el manejo de Kena sea mas sencillo, el paseo es relajado, camina al lado del manejador sin jalar la correa y ante distractores fuertes es muy sencillo controlarla porque con el New Trix se guia su cabeza y por lo tanto su cuerpo hacia donde queremos que vaya." 

Mónica González, Ph.D. APDT





"I prefer NewTrix easyway collars for dogs that pull. The dogs get used to it faster than other head collars because it does not yank their head around."
Nancy Wragg, North York Branch, Ontario SPCA




"Our staff have found the easyway collar to be humane, easy to use and very effective in controlling pulling. The dogs seem more relaxed and walking them is so much more enjoyable."
Nadine Gourkow, BC SPCA




"[With the Easyway] we have trained all of the dogs not to need a head collar of any sort by the time they graduate. This indicates that the easyway is actually a useful training tool as opposed to a permanent management tool." Nicole Hargreaves,  Animal Assisted Therapy,  Australia

"I am the Programme Director for Canine Partners, (UK). We are a small assistance dog charity in the UK, specialising in puppy education and a high level of training so the dogs may work for people with extremely high care needs. The fact that the collar can be put over the dog's head is very useful for many of our partners with limited hand mobility. The collars are easier to use for my client group, the dogs tend to react positively to the non-restricting nose or muzzle strap, and people like the padding and general quality of the head collars." Nina Bondarenko, Canine Partners (UK)







I work as an assistant dog trainer for Canine Connection in League City, TX. This past summer I adopted a young lab mix from a local shelter and was trying to walk him on a front clip harness. He is very squirrel and deer happy. I was also trying to get the happy boy into our classes but could not because he was so aroused he could not focus coming into our training facility. I think a lot of that came from living for 2 months in a kill shelter with 600 other dogs.

Anyway, we started thinking of some other options for my boy and the owner of the facility had your halters. Five minutes after putting it on the boy relaxed. I think the gentle pressure across his nose relaxed him. He is walking like a dream and well on his way to using a flat collar to pass his CGC and Therapy Dog TDI testing next month. He will probably always need the halter while walking in heavy squirrel or deer territory but who knows. He's only a year now.

I have since recommended to several of our clients and other trainers the NewTrix dog halter and all have been very very happy with the results. 

I needed a black one because an obscure local community ordinance states 'dogs that wear red collars, tags, leashes have been deemed vicious'. I have enough fun telling everyone it's not a muzzle. Don't need the vicious dog concern. I have a purple one too for our going out on the town moments. Crazy I know but I love the halter. 

I've attached some photos of my boy, Gus.  He is quite the travel companion and loves our daily 90 minute trail walks. 

More than you probably wanted to know but I thought you should know since you have such a great product.

Patricia Sampsel, Canine Connection, Texas






“The NewTrix Dog Halter has been a great addition to my training tool box! It is easier for the dogs to acclimate to than other head collars/halters, and the unique leash attachment provides a secure and balanced base that is easy for my clients to handle while not causing any sideways torque on the dogs’ necks.”

Sara McNutt, The Pet Mentor, California





“I have been using your collar for the past
couple of years and am very impressed with
how they work. I teach obedience classes and
would like a supply of these collars…”
Sylvia Reeve, Obedience Trainer




“I discovered the easyway collar and that meant that dogs that were large but sweet could now be adopted. I don’t think you realize the difference you have made in the lives of dogs and pups in pounds and shelters and in rescue... You are responsible for many saved lives!”
Brenda Lowry, Regional Director, Ontario South Central CAPPDT




“…I love the NewTrix easyway collar. I used a Halti up to
this point and although I like the Halti, I love this!
Using the easyway collar is comparable to go from
driving standard to automatic…”
Yvonne Passmore




“…The results we have had with the collar have been astounding…After seeing the results we had with our [hyperactive] rescue dog, we have several orders from other rescue volunteers after just one demonstration.” Kimberley Buchanan, Ruff Day Ltd.