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How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks, by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Voted the #1 BEST BOOK (1999) by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the largest and most influential worldwide association of professional pet dog trainers. Fun training with toys, treats, lures, and rewards. Easy, fun-loving, dog-friendly methods for teaching basic manners off-leash, and for temperament modification and behavior problem troubleshooting. Written from the dog's point of view and emphasizing natural motivational methods to teach your dog to want to do what you want him to do!

"How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks is the best book by dog training's leading genius. The most relevant, important piece ever written on the subject of dog behavior and training. Some fields are lucky enough to be granted a giant; a figure whose contributions inspire awe and are unsurpassable. Ian Dunbar is that in dog behavior. There is no single person on the face of the planet to whom dog trainers and owners (not to mention dogs) owe more." Jean Donaldson  

 Before & After Getting Your Puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Combining two popular titles in one value-priced edition, Before and After Getting Your Puppy is a simple, practical guide for anyone bringing a new puppy into the home. In clear steps, with helpful photos and easy-to-follow training deadlines, Dr. Ian Dunbar, who pioneered puppy classes and a loving style of dog training in the 1970s, presents a structured yet playful and humorous plan for raising a wonderful dog. The guide is based on six developmental deadlines: completing owner education and preparation, assessing a puppy's prior socialization and education, teaching errorless house-training and chewtoy-training, completing a socialization program of meeting strange dogs and people, learning bite inhibition, and continuing a program of ongoing training.

In the first half of the book, Dr. Dunbar focuses on what the owner needs to know to select a great puppy. In the second half, he presents the crucial lessons the puppy must be taught during its impressionable early development - using a kind, positive approach that, over time, has been proven the most effective. 

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