The Instinct to Control

By Dr. Robert Curran, D.V.M., B.A.

Social animals have a natural instinct to control or be controlled by other members of the group. In the canine pack, body language communicates clearly who is the leader and who is the follower. When puppies play-wrestle, they try to pin down the other pup's snout in their open jaw. The pups learn to inhibit their bite to not hurt each other as they struggle for control. If a pup is hurt, it squeals and withdraws from the game. The social instinct drives them to play for the fun of it, while they learn how to get along. The pups learn to lead and follow as natural ways to control or be controlled by others in the pack.

The NewTrix dog halter mimics the instinctive canine body language of control. It forms a figure eight to encircle your dog’s snout and neck without crossing the sensitive and delicate structures of his throat. Any pull on the leash from the master asserting control, or from the dog trying to lunge or pull, will constrict the halter to apply a gentle, even pressure around the snout and around the back of the neck without choking. This is an immediate and clear signal to your dog that you are the leader!