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NewTrix dog halters

SMALL size NewTrix dog halter

SMALL size NewTrix dog halter

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The NewTrix dog halter is available in 8 different sizes to fit most dog breeds, from toys to giants! Color options vary in availability.

The NewTrix dog halter helps your dog learn self-control and loose-leash manners. The patented pulley design converts your dog's pull into a push behind the neck, triggering a reflex halt signal- his behavior corrects itself!

Best used early to prevent puppies from learning poor leash manners like pulling and lunging or to manage these unruly habits while retraining- because, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks- but it's a lot harder without the NewTrix dog halter. 

Puppies at 8 weeks of age should start training with a size smaller than the expected adult weight. Each halter can be adjusted smaller by about 1 size. It should not fit tightly.

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